Sunday, October 17, 2010


When you hear the name Sully Erna do you think of the angry music of Godsmack? If you’re a fan, you do. If not, then you probably stopped reading this before the first sentence was completed. I guess, this entry is meant for people who like Godsmack, or can at least tolerate them.

Did anyone else notice Sully Erna’s solo album Avalon that came out on September 14th? I did, and was immediately intrigued. I wondered what it was going to sound like. Would he stay the course with the Godsmack sound, or would he show us something different? If you pick this album up expecting to hear a lot of heavy drums and guitars you will be very disappointed. For some fans, this will be an immediate turn off. It seems like there is always a percentage of music listeners out there who detest seeing any growth of diversity to their favorite musicians. These same people probably hated Godsmack’ album The Other Side. God forbid an musician branch out and exhibit some diversity and talent.

I mention the acoustic album to give you a vague idea of what Avalon is like. Even then, it is still a far cry from the acoustic version of Godsmack. Avalon combines tribal drums with bluesy vocals and harmonies. Lisa Guyer, who did background vocals on “Hollow” (the Other Side) lends her talent to this album as well. Also included are cellist Irina Chirkova and the drummer from Dead Can Dance, Niall Gregory.

I highly recommend checking this out, especially if you like to see a different side of a vocalist known for telling us all to Go Away. Even if you dislike Godsmack (and continued to read despite that fact) you might give it a listen. It could surprise you. I can’t stress enough how different this album is from anything we’ve heard from Sully and Godsmack to date. Even Sully thinks so. He describes the album as a huge departure from anything he’s done. Take his advice and dim the lights, light some incense and “vibe out” while listening to this album.

What are you still doing here reading this? Go on, I said!

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