Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trick 'r Treat

It’s not often that I decide to review things on this blog. In an attempt to try and post something here on a regular basis, I’ve decided to review a movie, book, or cd from time to time.
I recently watched Trick ‘r Treat and I must say I was pleased with it. I remember when there were previews for this movie a few years ago, then it faded away and I never heard much about it until the DVD release. It sat on my netflix queue for a long time before I finally got around to it.
The concept is far from original, but I think that is part of its appeal. It reminds me of Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside, and Twilight Zone. The stories in this movie intersect and overlap. There are interesting twists to most of the stories, some a little predictable, others not so much. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so be warned.
Anna Paquin dressed as Little Red Riding Hood being attacked by a supposed vampire in the woods (ala the Big Bad Wolf). The identity of her attacker and the twist to this story (in my opinion) made the movie.
There were other great performances from the likes of Dylan Baker (Spiderman’s Dr. Connors) and Brian Cox ( X-Men 2, Bourne Identity). The two characters are neighbors and their stories happen at almost the same moment. Brian Cox was great as a bitter old man with a shotgun and a dark past.
What Halloween movie would be complete without a group of mean spirited kids? There is a town legend about a bus driver paid to drive the short bus into a rock quarry while all of the kids are chained inside. This story is told by one little bitch wearing an angel costume (funny? right?) in an attempt to scare another little girl they call “Rhonda the Retard (aren’t kids nice). They befriend her, and take her to the quarry to scare the crap out of her. They succeed, but it backfires horribly for them. I really couldn’t blame her for leaving them there to die.
It is an enjoyable film so long as you go into it expecting a typical Halloween flick. There are critics out there who hate anything that it not an art film, or has some major social commentary to make. They need to get over themselves. Movies are meant to entertain and allow us to escape our lives for a brief moment. Horror films are always great because our lives look so much better in comparison. So, if you are a film snob, take time to allow yourself some mindless fun. If you loved Creepshow, definitely give this one a try!

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