Thursday, April 8, 2010


If you know me then you know how huge of a Guns ‘N Roses fan I am. I’ve already talked about Chinese Democracy when it came out, and I love the album, but it makes me sad to think about what GnR could be today with all the band members together. Slash’s new album has the same pangs of sadness in it for me.
From the cover of the jacket, there is no doubting who’s CD it is. A skull wearing a tophat above a banner that says R nF’n R (Rock and Fucking Roll!) is what greets one when picking this album up. Not to mention Slash’s name in huge print above the skull.

I’ll be honest, I’m usually only a Slash fan when it comes to GnR (and the first Velvet Revolver album) but this album is a reminder to all of us just who Slash is and why he is one of the most kickass guitarists out there. It is almost enough to make me forget about Snake Pit.
When I saw this on the floor at Target I scoffed a little (Snake Pit coming to mind initially) but all of that stopped when I saw the list of singers: Kid Rock, Lemmy, Ozzy, Ian Astbury, Rocco Deluca, and Iggy Pop (to name a few). I decided that I would have to give it a listen and I was very surprised. It was pretty good. The musical style bridges a lot of gaps, and seeing as how Slash is mainly a hard rock guitar player, this was a welcome bit of diversity. Do not get me wrong, when you hear that guitar wail there is no doubt who is playing it, but the songs themselves tend to lend themselves to vocalists style. The best I can do in describing it (and I know some people will hate this comparison) is that is very much like Santana’s last couple of albums (with singers like Rob Thomas, Michelle Branch, Everlast).
After hearing this, and now taking another listen to Chinese Deomcracy I pray and beg to any who are listening that a GnR reunion happen in my lifetime. It is a bit far fetched to ask for a new studio album with the original members, but can you fathom how much ass that album would kick? Say what you want about Axl and even Slash but there is no doubting that when those two come together great things can happen. They are two larger than life personas (and they clash, as most egos will) but the shows they put on are phenomenal. Take a look at the music today. Gone are they great days of the Crue, Poison, and (yes, even them) Metallica. We are now in the days of radio-friendly watered down music. Record Labels are even dusting off music of bands that are no longer together or are dead (Nirvana) just to make some sales. That tells me that they are running short of talent in the present that they need to look to the past to find what people want to hear. So, in my humble opinion (ok, I’m never humble about anything) if GnR would put out a new album with the Appetite lineup it would give Rock the swift kick in the ass that it needs.

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