Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Update

Some of you may have noticed my absence lately. Life has been throwing me curve ball after curve ball and my head has been spinning as a result. It is now to a point where I can gather my thoughts and write something down again. I’m not saying it has been all bad, but it feels like the negative outweighs the positive lately. I don’t want to get into too much personal crap (I know, you are thinking that is what the Internet is all about). I’ll just say that my life has taken a turn I did not predict, and never would have. Don’t worry thought – I will pick myself up and keep moving forward because that is all I can do.

Speaking of moving forward I’ll mention a few of the better changes (I hope they are for the better). Next Saturday marks the end of my time at Target. That’s right! After almost six years I am changing jobs. Mostly due to the personal crap I do not want to get into, I had to reevaluate a few things and decided that I needed to find a better paying job so I could pay bills and eat. With that new job comes another step – moving into an apartment in the Evansville area. I am excited and nervous about this, but that will pass.

Anyone who knows me will attest to how well I handle change – I don’t. I like my routine and the comfort of that. Setting out into a new job, a new apartment, a new life – all within the span of about a week – sets my anxiety level up a little too high. I’m going to miss all of the friends I made at Target these past six years, but at least I will be living closer and will be more able to go hang out more often. Maybe we can organize a “crazy movie/tv show night.”

Moving forward is one thing. I can do that with my head down as I just barrel through the day. Moving on is a bit harder. I think that is a process that will vary with each individual. I’m just not sure what my process will be, or how long it will take. I am very grateful for all of my friends that have been there to let me vent, kept me distracted, and above all – kept me laughing.

Enough of that! The other positive thing – the one I am the most excited about – is that my book Valley Falls is completed and published. It has been selling fairly well, although it could stand to sell better. Reviews have been positive and those I have talked to really enjoyed it. That warms my heart. So, if you have read it – tell all of your friends to buy it and read it too, and then spread the word. If you haven’t read it – then you need to. It is available on and in eBook formats for the Kindle and the Nook.

Buy it here!

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