Thursday, December 8, 2011

Back in the Saddle?

Yeah, I doubt I'll update this as regular as I'd like, thus the question mark. My new schedule is a little chaotic, some days I work close to 16 hours. It's not that I've not watched some cool movies, it's just that I haven't had time to review them as well as I'd like. Let me give you a quick summary of movies I've seen lately, and a little blurb.

Captain America - Decent movie, but I liked Thor better. Probably because I dislike the character of Cap, not necessarily the acting, writing, or anything like that. It is a good set up for the Avengers, but that is all it really is. The ending and defeat of Red Skull is anti-climactic at best (read that as let down). The best part is the Avenger's teaser in the post credit slot. If you've watched the others (Iron Man, Thor, Hulk) watch this one, you don't want any plot holes.

Scream 4 - I loved the first three movies, even if they killed Jamie Kennedy. Wes Craven is a genius. The fourth installment was a faithful followup with enough tongue-in-cheek horror movie humor (multiple sequels, reboots, and all the staples of Hollywood today). There are some plot twists, and obvious red herrings. Unfortunately I figured out the killer (killers?) early on. Entertaining though.

Priest - Post-apocalyptic Vampire movie starring Paul Bettany. I'm sold. It was dark, gritty, and awesome visually. The plot is more than predictable, and that is the only bad thing I can say about it. If you are expecting Citizen Kane, you'll be disappointed it. If you want an action flick in a grisly Mad Max like world - then you should watch this.

Your Highness - I expected this to be stupid, and it was. But I liked it anyway. Being a table top RPG nerd, this reminded me of every D&D game my friends and I ever played.

Take me Home Tonight: Loved it! This is a great throwback to the 80s movies of John Hughes. Typical story of unrequited love, a party, lies to impress a girl, and the consequences. As where some movies would make fun of being an 80s movie, this one pays tribute to the 80s flicks I grew up loving (and still love today). The fashion is there, and the music is awesome! OH and a goth Michelle Trachtenberg

Stay tuned for more.

Last Quote: Paper Man

Today's Quote: "We're all trying to be something that were not. But tonight all of that changes. Tonight, I'm not afraid. Tonight, I got one thing to say to all that bullshit. Fuck it. "

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